Community Arts

For more than 10 years, RCCA has conducted out-of-school arts education and community arts projects in collaboration with neighborhood anchor organizations. Projects have included Clay Tile Murals, Camden Art Gardens, A Camden Christmas Carol, and Fall Festival Concerts, and are directed by highly qualified civic artists.

Please visit our site to learn even more about RCCA’s Community work:

The objectives of these programs are:

  1. to enhance the appearance and livability of neighborhoods through the creative investment of its residents of all ages and abilities;
  2. to increase residents’ pride in their community through visible legacies of accomplishment;
  3. to expand participants’ confidence and perspectives through the discovery, development, and recognition of personal skills and talents;
  4. to strengthen social networks and the values of reciprocity and trust;
  5. to increase community vitality and active civic participation; and
  6. to create a sense of place that capitalizes on the community’s assets and aspirations.

The community and artist programs manager at the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts maintains a strong connection with community groups and serves on the District 1 Community Board. Assessment methods and techniques are incorporated into each project and activity, and the data is directly applied to the improvement of all components.


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